Friday, February 23, 2018

Wishes and Help

Well, I have nothing today except wishes for everyone to have a good weekend. Get together with some friends.

Watch a movie or two.
Or, kick back with a good book.

Do something fun. Buy a digital copy of one of these:
Marvin's World of Deadheads
Jenna's Gang of Deadheads
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Just google the title + "on Amazon."

And you also help victims of domestic violence.
50% of all royalties will be donated to domestic abuse shelters and hotlines.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

This Gun

The CNN Town Hall was an eye-opener. I'll give Rubio credit for showing up - he knew what he would face. On the other hand, his admission he would continue to accept money from the NRA will hopefully find him out of the Senate in his re-election campaign. When he said he accepts from anyone (NRA) "who supports his agenda," because it's his agenda not theirs, he's throwing out bullshit.
I'll give the same credit to Dana Loesch - even though it's her job, and she copped a superior attitude. She made a few good points about States reporting, etc. But the rest were platitudes and talking points.
Sheriff Scott Israel gave the best answer of all: Loesch and the approximately 5 million NRA members will not change their minds. Get out and vote for those who will support getting these "weapons of war" off our streets.

The worst, however, were the Florida state legislators who voted down a motion to bring gun control to the floor for debate in favor of foolishly discussing how to make pornography illegal. Evidently, for them, Second Amendment rights trump (sorry! we really must find a new word) First Amendment rights.

What exactly constitutes "pornography?" Some would say the photos I post here are porn.

Some would even say my words are pornography. But, personally, this is the only type of guy who needs weapons of war.
Not in the military?
Put this gun in your hand and shoot it.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Not the Only Guy

I'm assuming he has no problem getting hard - at least he didn't mention that as an issue, or part of the issue. As I understand it, there is no sensation of ejaculation - no spasms of any kind.
As we reach ejaculation, the cock will get harder than at any point during sexual activity. The balls will elevate. At the point of cumming, the cock will be as stiff as a 2x4, the Cremaster muscles clamp down on the balls, and the smooth muscles surrounding the prostate and those within the abdomen and perineum will rhythmically spasm, sending the semen on its way.

If none of this is happening and, instead, his cock goes limp as if he's already ejaculated, I can see why he's confused. None of the sensations of cumming and an immediate loss of the boner can lead a guy to wonder.

In addition to all the terrific suggestions made yesterday, I'll continue to research this. As Jean pointed out, he's surely not the only guy to experience this.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Failure to Launch

"I've been a solosexual all my life. Recently, I am not able to ejaculate. No matter what I try I get right to the brink but can't go over the edge. Just as it feels like I'm going to my dick goes limp. It's frustrating as hell. A guy I've known for years says we should try doing it together or that we should go to the local j/o group. I'm skittish but getting desperate for relief. What gives?"



If you've tried all the tricks I've mentioned in the blog over the years; thrusting and squeezing the butt cheeks, direct prostate stimulation, change in location, sleeves, and cock rings, and there's still a failure to launch, I'm not sure I have an answer.
Our cocks go soft at varying rates after we cum. It sounds as if the brain is sending a signal (chemical in nature) that the ejaculation has happened. If there's a medical solution to that, I can't find one.
Maybe you should give your friend's suggestions a try. I mean, what do you have to lose? It either helps you cum or it doesn't. If it does, you get the physical (and mental) relief you need. If it doesn't, you aren't any worse off than if you keep trying alone.





I know some of my readers are in the medical field; perhaps they might offer ideas.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Natural Inclination

Hiding the activity doesn't quite help anything, does it? Especially if it's too late. An auto insurance company commercial using stunted communication between a father and his son about sex has recently been playing on TV. I still wonder why this is so difficult.

But, I believe that if the conversation begins at the proper time, it wouldn't be so bad. Age-appropriate sex education should begin at an early enough age as to mitigate any uncomfortable feelings, and be an ongoing thing. Perhaps if started early enough, people wouldn't have such trouble with the hundreds of things that fall within the main topic.
"A typical day at my brother’s house. Unlike me, who still has a wife attached to my hip, he’s divorced with two grown boys. I have a boy of my own. Me and my son go visit my brother and nephews. As this picture shows, we always have a good time when it’s just us men. I’m the one taking the picture, my son’s the one making a peace sign, my nephews are sitting on each side of the bed and my brother’s the hairy beast in between them."
That was submitted to another blog I visit from time to time. The interesting thing is that these two men have been open and honest with their sons about sex and the natural inclination of guys to masturbate, the enjoyment and pleasure to be had. 




 There should be no reason for shame of enjoying oneself.
 It's also an opportunity to teach them how to control ejaculation.




Granted, I don't have kids, so I may not be the best judge here.
Thoughts? Comments?
For or against such a thing?