Friday, August 26, 2016

Cock: Acceptable Conversation

As our lovely Jean points out in her comment yesterday, men are much more complicated than we allow the Ladies to realize. Perhaps, even more than we are willing to admit to ourselves.
We guys close ourselves off. Too intimidated (?) to ask someone for help or advice - even our own doctors - when something doesn't seem "right." Even under Bar Rules, which demands any discussion not go further than those in attendance, we are afraid to open up even to the best of friends.

But, there are signs, albeit small, that things are changing with the younger generation. Surveys suggest they are more open, and, therefore, more knowledgeable. Take for instance, the group of U of Texas-Austin women who are using dildos to make a point about guns on campus, using the slogan "Cocks Not Glocks."

The pressure being put on the justice system to reign in sexual assaults and sex trafficking - which, by the way, happens to young men, too; we simply do not hear about it as much. Why, you ask? See paragraph two above!
Or watch the finale episode of The Closer, which bridged the changeover to Major Crimes with the recurring character of Rusty who was rescued from being pimped out.
Bravo! to Graham Patrick Martin for taking on such an important role.
 The Information Age with its instant communication and 24-hour news cycle has helped to move things into acceptable conversation.


We've brought Morning Wood to the national consciousness,
how pissing can be difficult with an erection
that spontaneous boners happen
even past the raging hormone years
and the fact that masturbation is the most common sexual activity of all



and age doesn't mean we stop.
Keep moving forward.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Explosive Ejaculations

Ah...the issue all men face many times over the course of life. The erection develops when we least need, want, or expect it. And, like this young man below, there are times when we aren't even aware of what we're doing.

It's certainly not the first time for this young man, nor will it be the last over his life. He's not the first, nor will he be the last, to have this happen.

These are the boners we get when my mom would say, "Stop playing with yourself!" But, every boner is a good boner, and guys should be thankful for them; learn to appreciate each and every one.

If they creep up when we're alone and free to take full advantage,

these are the boners which lead to some of the most wonderfully sensuous sensations,
and, ultimately, to the most explosive ejaculations we experience.



They leave us feeling...perfectly relieved, relaxed

 happy, and renewed
(Thanks to French Patrick for posting the four gifs of the young man, inspiring today's post here.)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Simple, Yet Finer Things

It's always the simple, yet finer things in life we enjoy. They are always enhanced when we share them with friends. The movie or play or concert takes on more meaning when we can discuss or dissect them with someone afterward. Food seems to have more flavor, our beverage of choice quenches more quickly, 
laughter comes more easily and the more easily we share ourselves.
Books are like that. One of my favorite things to do in life is to read. I'm a fairly voracious reader; everything from Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Charlaine Harris to John Grisham, Dan Brown, and Fannie Flagg to David Sedaris, Dave Barry, and John Waters. In short, everything from thriller and horror to fantasy, from humor to memoir.

So, allow me to share: Call me biased, but my buddy is a damn fine writer. His first book will be released by the publisher on September 9. It's full of humor and heart. If you enjoyed Ghost, if you laughed at the hi-jinx of The Hangover films, you will get a kick out of this book.
It's romantic comedy and bromantic comedy all in one.
He's always planned this to be a series. Book two is already undergoing the edit process with the publisher and they optioned book three which my buddy is working on (along with several other projects; I don't know how he manages to keep them all straight in his head). He's working on arranging a special promotion if you're willing to take and share a photo while reading the book. Details to come.
But, it's already available through the publisher for pre-order:

You'll also find it through Amazon, and wherever books are sold. Buy one. Read it. And, remember, reviews help others make choices when purchasing a product. Let others know how you enjoyed it by returning to the website of purchase and leaving a review.